Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Those of us who aren’t blessed with 20/20 vision needn’t let those bifocals put a damper on our style. Use them as a fashion accessory with these makeup tips specifically for girls with glasses to help you rock those frames with ease.

Kangana Ranaut, Chitrangada Singh, Shraddha Kapoor and Deepika Padukone rocking their glasses

Kangana Ranaut, Chitrangada Singh, Shraddha Kapoor and Deepika Padukone rocking their glasses

Since some glass lenses magnify your eyes, it’s important to hide those dark circles. Choose a shade that is a tone lighter than your natural skin colour to brighten your under eye, while covering up those dark circles.

Eye Shadow Colours
It’s tricky choosing the right eye shadow shades for girls with specs. They may appear different under the lens, which limits your choices a bit. Remember that the shade you choose should compliment your eye colour as well the colour of your frames. You can even stay neutral with your eyes and opt for bright, dramatic lips. You can’t argue with the fact that chicks with glasses and red lips look super sexy.
If you do wish to add some colour to your peepers, go with warm colours as they will make your eyes stand out under those glasses. Cool colours won’t make your eyes pop as much as warmer tones like brown and orange. Use some shimmer to really help play them up and grab attention even under those frames.

To really be a sexy specsy, define your eyes keeping in mind some of these important factors. Gel liner is the best for girls with glassesMakeup for girls with glasses as they stand out the most and are so easy to apply. Your eyeliner should mimic the thickness of your frames, so if you have thin frames then go with thin liner and if your frames are thick than apply a thicker line. You can also apply dark eyeshadow along your lower lash line for extra definition and smudge it for added sexiness. Don’t let your glasses stop you from experimenting with winged and cat-eyed liner, they look amazing even under those lenses.

Thick Lashes
Don’t be shy to use generous amounts of mascara as they will really help highlight your eyes under those bifocals. Who can resist thick long lashes? Use an eyelash curler to curl them before applying your mascara for extra effect which will also prevent your lashes from hitting your frames. Remember to use smudge proof mascara and make sure your lashes are dry befpre putting on your specs.

Blush Is Essential
Whether you’re going with neutral or statement making eyes, blush is important whether you wear your specs or not. Bring some pink to your cheeks for a stunning, healthy glow by sweeping it along the apples of your cheeks. It will be seen no matter how thick your frames are.

Define Your Brows
When you wear glasses, no matter how small or big your frames are, your eyebrows are always more noticeable which is why they need to well-groomed at all times. Make sure they are well shaped. Use an eyebrow pencil to define them well.

Bold Lips
You probably wear the same frames all the time. The quickest way to change it up and add some spice to your look is with a bright pout. If you choose to play up your eyes or not, dramatic lips will never fail to take it up a notch. Reds, pinks, violets, oranges and berries are a good bet to help you look like the ultimate siren.


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