Makeup Tips To Always Look Great in Photographs

Don’t you just hate when you spend ages perfecting your make-up for a fun night out but your pictures come out looking nothing like the goddess you thought you saw staring back in the mirror? The truth is, cameras can be cruel but we help you put your best face forward with these tips. Here are a few make up tricks that will help you dazzle under that jarring flash of your camera. Get that pout ready with these picture perfect make up tricks, your Facebook profile picture never looked hotter!

  • Choose a water-based foundation rather than a Crème based foundation which sometimes appear cakey in photographs.
  • Use mattes to avoid looking extra greasy under the flash, especially on your nose and cheeks.
  • Don’t go over-board with the foundation and compact which will make you look washed-out in your pictures.
  • Try applying your make up in as much natural light as much as possible. Under artificial lighting we tend to apply too less or too much which becomes prominent in our photos.
  • If you use undereye concealer to hide those dark circles, make sure to blend it in thoroughly. You may have noticed white lines under the eyes in pictures of plenty of girls, this is because even when we think it’s blended in it still shows up under the flash. Don’t risk your make up looking too obvious; rub out all the edges perfectly.
  • Use lipstick to make your lips stand out otherwise they could blend in with the resr of your face in pictures. Any shade- bold or subtle will help.
  • Stick to black eyeliner and mascara instead of transparent, brown or any other colour as the dark hue will make your eyes pop fantastically.
  • Always use blush as it adds definition to your face but be sure to add enough- not too less and not much.
  • Apply your blush or bronzer a shade or 2 darker than you usually would to make sure you never look pale and washed out under the effects of the camera flash.
  • Every girl has a favourite pose and side which faces the camera. Find an angle that flatters you most and you will always shine through the camera glare. Always straighten your neck while being photographed to avoid looking like you grew an extra chin.
  • Lightly spritz your face with a body mist to ensure your make up looks fresh all day or night and doesn’t wear off in a couple of hours.
  • Make use of your camera phones by taking your picture to make sure your make up looks right and not unflattering under the flash before stepping out of your home.


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