5 Makeup Tips To Look 5 Years Younger

It’s too early to use anti-ageing creams, but you still have some soft lines and sagging skin. But you don’t need to worry, because there’s always makeup. We show you some simple tricks that can be done at home to take away almost five years from your face. Surprised? Read on to know more.

Makeup Tips To Look Younger
1. Glowing Skin Without Fine Lines
There are a few products you should ditch by the time you’re in your late 20s—and one of them is powdered foundation. Apply a thick layer of moisturiser and opt for a BB cream or cream-based foundation. This will give a natural-looking glow to the skin, while hiding the lines.

2. Chiselled Cheekbones
Your skin loses its elasticity as you grow older. Get that sculpted look by simply learning how to contour your face. Check out this article for details.

3. Eyebrow Makeover
Droopy eyebrows are the worst—they make you look and feel so blue. But we have a fix for that, too! Shape your eyebrows with a pencil and use a bit of white shimmer below your brows. It gives an illusion of a lift without actually getting any chemical treatment. Check out the right method to apply makeup on your brows here.

4. Open Your Eyes
Mascara will be your saviour for those puffy, wrinkled eyes with dark circles. Apply a base of concealer and a thin line of winged eyeliner. The thin line will make your eyes appear bigger. Finally, apply a coat of mascara that will make your eyes open up.

5. Add Colour
For the last touch, add a bit of bright warm colour to your face in the form of peach or red mascara and a bright lipstick. Ensure that you opt for deep, prominent shades, rather than neon and pinks.

Look young and gorgeous with these tips.

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