Keep Calm and Hide Your Hangover: 17 Easy Makeup Tricks

Okay, so you shouldn’t have had that extra tequila shot or glass of sangria last night. But one thing led to another, you came home high and slept with makeup on (oh no!). Cut to the next morning and you woke up with a shrill alarm, a bad headache and a face that looked like it was from hell. And then you realised you needed to head to work and handle a big meeting with the boss. Sigh!

makeup tricks to hide your hangoverFret not, we’re here to help. We show you 17 super-easy ways to look dewy fresh, even when you’re extremely dehydrated. Scroll down to read about some makeup tricks that can help you hide your hangover.

Put On a Fresh Face
1. Your skin is extremely dehydrated, so gulp down a bottle of water before you start putting on makeup.
2. Next, use copious amounts of moisturiser and a heavy-duty primer on your face and eyes—this will even out the dark spots and marks on your face.
3. Once this is settled, use a water-based light foundation on your skin.

makeup tricks to hide your hangover

Wake Your Eyes Up
4. Your eyes can give away last night’s story, so be careful while applying makeup. After the primer, use a concealer to cover your dark circles. But be careful to choose a shade that’s right for your skin undertone, which is either pinkish or yellowish.
5. Once you apply the concealer, opt for a bright eyeshadow shade (like white or pink) that can open up your eyes.
6. Avoid eyeliner and kajal as they tend to highlight dark circles.
7. Complete your eye makeup with a light dose of mascara.

makeup tricks to hide your hangover

Add Colour to Your Cheeks
8. You definitely need some colour on your cheeks after last night, and blush is the way to go. If your face looks fresh, go for the regular way of applying blush.
9. If not, try this trick. Use a small quantity of shiny blush on your cheekbones and apply compact over it.
10. Let it settle for a while, then apply the blush again for fresh-looking cheeks.

makeup tricks to hide your hangover

Get Fuller, Hydrated Lips
11. What you lack in the eyes, you can make up with your pout. Since your lips are parched, use ChapStick or Vaseline before you head to the office.
12. Just before you meet your boss, apply a bright shade of red, pink or orange on your lips and no one will know how much you drank last night.

makeup tricks to hide your hangover

Other Tips
13. Ensure that you wear bright pastel shades to your office. Preferably wear a top with a collar and ensure that it is of a bright shade. Since  it is closer to your face, it helps your face look more awake.
14. Carry along some (much-needed) oversized shades with a darker tint to protect against sunlight.
15. Don’t forget to carry your makeup kit with you for quick touch-ups.
16. Carry a bottle of water with a packet of ORS (oral re-hydration system,WHO approved) and drink it during your commute. It not only helps you stay hydrated, but also brings back the glow to your skin.
17. Pop an aspirin before you leave home. It has dual benefits; it will take care of that annoying headache, while reducing the puffiness around your eyes.

makeup tricks to hide your hangover

Do you know of any more tips to hide a hangover? Comment and share them with us.

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