Making Fashion Out of Fabric

It may not be that easy in the begining, but within less than a year designer Aartivijay Gupta got the stamp of recognition from likes of Ritu Kumar who saw her collection in Kolkata Fashion week and found it refreshingly attractive.

Aartivijay finished her studies from NIFT Mumbai in 2004 and created ripples in the fashion world when she was the finalist for CIAE, International Fashion awards night held in Mumbai. After this golden lettered night of her life she never turned her head back to look at the things which she had ever dreamt. In 2009 she showed her avante-garde collection at the Dubai Fashion week and at the Bridal Asia week Dubai. In 2010, she showcased her Autumn Winter collection at Dubai Fashion week. Barely three years in the industry and Aartivijay has her stock in approximately 25 outlets internationally.

Since you specialize in women’s wear, who is that average girl?
She is confident, bold, knows what she wants and goes for it. She is comfortable in her skin and doesn’t mind experimenting with her looks.

What inspired you to take up designing as a profession?
The feel of the raw fabric, colours, drapes and the outcome of various designs once they’re ready. It’s a great feeling. I do Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter collections.  In addition, I also change my colour palette and silhouettes — Summers have more flowy pastel shades and winters have dark color palette with structured silhouette.

How easy is it to choose colours and fabric?
It’s very easy if you’re clear in your mind about the concepts as to what you actually want to create. The fabric mainly depends on the theme and season. Fabric has to be good in quality that is durable, pure and can accomplish the desired look.

Do you fear the number of upcoming fashion designers?
No. Never. Each designer is different and has his/her own work of art. The pieces they create are unique. The biggest challenge for any designer is to satiate the customer to the T! And that’s the biggest high as well.

When do you think you’ll be ready to set the trend?
I should be all set once my style of work is accepted by different sections of people, all at the same time.

You believe you’re an upcoming designer, what do you have to say about yourself?
I love to be a designer and my work has exposed me to a whole new world wherein each and every person is my client and I try to make them more confident, beautiful and gorgeous. I love my job as I get to make the world around me more presentable and beautiful.

What would you like to tell your potential customers?
Believe in a designer completely because at the end of the day a designer is working hard only to make ‘you’ look beautiful.

As told to Suezelle Dcosta

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