Making of … Halfmoon Files

GET: to check out the works of German-based documentary filmmaker, Philip Scheffner and cultural scientist Britta Lange

IN: BMP Building, Ground Floor N.A. Sawant Marg Near Colaba Fire Station Colaba, Mumbai – 400 005, Ph +91 22 2281 0066

ON: From the 5th till the 16th of March. From 2 pm – 7pm  on Monday and 11 am till 7 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, Gallery is closed on Sunday.

IT:  Making of … the Halfmoon Files is a five channel sound and video installation, the German version of which was exhibited in Berlin in 2008/2009. The English version will premiere at Project 88.

Making of…The Halfmoon Files begins with the meeting of German researchers and imprisoned soldiers from the English, French and Russian armies in German prisoner of war camps during WWI. The work especially focuses on Half Moon Camp in Wünsdorf near Berlin, which mostly held Indian and North African colonial soldiers from 1914 to 1918. These exotic prisoners of war were utilised for political propaganda and became the subjects of many scientific studies in anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, musicology and jurisprudence.

In the archives, there is a vast amount of data on these soldiers, there are records regarding the goals of this political propaganda, the relevance of these prisoners for science and other studies, as well as stories by these prisoners about the war, their home, the village of Wünsdorf and also their opinion and understanding of the scientists who were conducting the experiments. In the installation, all these stories are meshed into a fragile audio-visual narrative, the stories point towards and try to understand the interweaving of colonialism, war, media, politics, entertainment, culture and science.

About Project 88

Project 88, Mumbai opened in April 2006 in the vibrant downtown area of Colaba with a solo exhibition of Bharti Kher. The key aim of Sree Goswami, the gallery’s director, has been to seek out emerging artists and showcase them alongside more established Indian and international artists.

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