Manish Arora Unveils INDIAN At Delhi Couture Week 2013

We have grown to love his quirky designs, kitschy motifs, roller coaster ride of colours and eccentric designs. In short, we know that Manish Arora’s creations will never disappoint in being over the top, dramatic and nothing short of fabulous. His vivid collections are the perfect example of having fun with fashion. We pick the style genius’ brain as he gears up to showcase his first ever exclusive Indianwear collection at Delhi Couture Week tonight (August 3rd). Like anything he designs, we know for a fact that this collection too, will deliver the perfect punch of style to satiate anyone’s thirst for fashion.

A Design From Manish Arora's INDIAN Being Unveiled At Delhi Couture Week on Aug 3rd

A Design From Manish Arora’s INDIAN Being Unveiled At Delhi Couture Week on Aug 3rd

Many call you, the John Galliano of Indian fashion. How do you acknowledge that?

The brand Manish Arora has set a benchmark for itself in India and internationally as well. There is no space for concordance. I hope I can accomplish the same with “Indian By Manish Arora” too. 

You were the first contemporary designer to bring about creations that featured Hindu Gods and the Devnagari script. Considering the sensitivity towards religion in this country,   what made you believe that you could pull this off?

I am attracted to the visual imagery of these mythological stories. In no way are those beliefs disregarded in my creations. The pieces were created with the intention to stay true to my love for visual art.

You’ve had several successful collaborations with MAC, Reebok and Paco Rabenne in the past. Do you feel that collaborations contain a risk of divided attention?

It’s all about creating a successful show in the end. I like collaborating with creative heads who share my vision of spreading happiness through their work. 

Is there any incidence or thought that influenced you to prove the detractors wrong about being kitschy?

I don’t design to please. It’s my style, it’s what I do. So there remains no room to prove anything.

Your label has been well received by audiences across the globe. What can one expect from the Autumn-Winter Collection 2013 on Saturday night?

I am certain that the show will live up to my audience’s expectations. Keeping in sync with my previous shows, it will be as dramatic as what I have delivered in the past. The show will demonstrate my take on the modern Indian bride.

What is the most repetitive mistake that Indian designers make?

They misinterpret couture. Bridal and couture are termed as mirror images of each other, which is untrue.

How do you look at the Indian fashion industry today?

It has evolved and become more leveled.  People have come of age and have crossed zeniths in fashion.

Celebrities you would love to see in your creations.

I am fortunate enough to have seen my creations on most celebrities and hope the trend continues with INDIAN by Manish Arora.

If Manish Arora was not a fashion designer, he would have been.

I live for fashion and cannot think beyond it. 



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