This Site Will Give You The Perfect Man (For A Small Fee)

A really good massage, opening doors, helping you shop, taking gorgeous pictures of you, reciting poetry for you—wouldn’t a man like this be perfect? Well, if not all the time, at least for your ex’s wedding party or BFF’s bachelorette, right? And now you can get exactly what you’ve been wishing for.


We present to you, an online platform that provides you with hot, kind, patient, witty, well-groomed and drool-worthy men at your beck and call. From being your personal bodyguard to butler, masseuse and date, he can be anything you want—you can even give him a name of your choice. And no, he isn’t a stripper or an aggressively sexy escort—he’s your everyday man who will pamper you for small fee. You don’t have to go out on annoying dates or wait for a man to treat you right—you can actually buy it!

In a world where women are used as sex symbols to sell pretty much everything, from soaps to deodorants and even men’s underwear, this is a refreshing change. It might be a form of reverse sexism, but ladies come on, the men are really hot.

Unfortunately, the service is only available in San Francisco for now and not in India (although, we’d totally move to SF for this).

Check out this video of what man servants really do.

Annnnd we’re sighing already! Do you think this would work in India? Would you hire these services? Let us know what you have to say.

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