Many Monsters, Many Lives

GET: a look at the monsters inside you

IN: Chatterjee and Lal, 01/18 Kamal Mansion, Floor 1, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400005

ON: Now until February 9, 2011

IT: is a surreal inversion of reality that takes the viewer to the interior of the subject of each work. Some make the viewer peep inside the human forms to find the landscapes, objects, forms and other monsters that we carry around with us, real and imaginary, from our childhoods and growing years. Others describe the general neighbourhood scenes with individuals and their monsters placed alongside.

As we stood in front of “I Need to Get The Mango Tree Trimmed”, we found ourselves looking for more objects within objects and landscapes within objects that Unnikrishnan uses to show us the relationship between the individual and the wider community.

We recommend you check this out! To view all paintings in the exhibit, click here.

About the artist: Born in 1976, Nityan Unnikrishnan studied ceramic design at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad and later moved to Delhi to pursue a range of interest including pottery, illustration and crafts. Many Monsters, his debut solo show, is the result of two years of work. The paintings draw from his childhood in rural Kerela as well student and working life in large Indian cities. There are often filmic references in the works that trace their lineage through ‘film noir’ and are depicted in landscapes expressive of the urban underbelly.

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