Master The Art of Tribal Nails

Tribal Nails

Tribal Nails

Tribal prints are a part of every girl’s wardrobe now. From aztec bags, tribal printed pants to even aztec phone covers, they’re a fave among all fashionistas. So, why not extend the trend to your pretty talons? Here are some ways you can master the art of tribal nails.

-       Apply base. Choose two or three nail colours you want to put together in this tribal art. Apply a horizontal line of one colour, let’s assume green, close to the tip of the nail but with just a peek of the base colour showing. Take the second colour, assuming orange, and apply it below the first one but leaving the base colour in between. Your nails will have stripes in this formation – base colour, green stripe, base colour, orange stripe, and base colour. Once this dries off completely, take a black nail art pen and start drawing geometric lines, curves or dots in between the stripes.

-       Go for a monochrome (black and white) look to suit all your outfits. This understated style is all but dull!

-       If you’re in a hurry, just let one nail do all the talking.

-       If you cant get over your neon obsession, combine it with your love for tribal print. Paint the top half of your nails a bright pop of neon pink and the bottom half white, merging the two in the centre. Next, break the two colours by drawing chevron (zigzag line) in the middle. Fill up the rest of the surface with lines/dots using a toothpick.

Try these easy breezy DIYs for perfect tribal nails and your claws will be the talk of the tribe, I mean, town.

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