Just Right For To-Be Mommies: 5 Outfits You Can’t Go Wrong With

It’s that time in your life where you are ready to sacrifice everything precious to give birth to your child—be it compromising your food or certain habits that would affect your baby. But these vows are not the only challenges women face while being pregnant. The biggest challenge is dressing up.
To hide that baby bump, we women desperately try out various things, the most common one being clothes that don’t even suit our body shape or type. We list five clothing styles that are ideal for maternity wear and that you just can’t go wrong with.

1. A Comfortable Pair Of Jeans

kim kardashian pregnantKim Kardashian looks ultra-comfy in light-blue jeans paired with a black top and jacket

Jeans are a woman’s best friend—you certainly can’t avoid wearing these while you are pregnant. Finding the right pair of jeans that is comfortable yet stylish can be a bit tricky, but once you find it you’ll feel blessed with their supreme comfort.

2. Black Leggings

Gwen Stefani pregnantGwen Stefani rocks the black leggings and blazer look

These are certainly in style and a hot favourite among many women. If you aren’t comfortable wearing jeans, this is the one piece of clothing you should opt for. Match up these leggings with loose tank tops or shirts.

3. The Little Black Dress

reese witherspoon pregnantReese Witherspoon in a classic LBD

Are you shying away from a party due to that baby bump? Don’t worry anymore. Don a little black dress of your choice and suit it up with your favourite coloured stilettos to get that elegant yet effortless maternity look.

4. Jumpsuits

kourtney kardashian pregnantKourtney Kardashian in a light green jumpsuit

These days, you’ll find every pregnant women wearing a jumpsuit due to its utmost comfort and style. Jumpsuits come in various designs and colours, which make them a maternity closet must-have.

5. Maternity Wrap Dresses

Kate Middleton pregnantKate Middleton makes this maternity wrap dress a must-have

Planning to go for an evening out? Then this stylish garment is your best bet. These dresses will surely help you hide that baby bump.

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