Are You Wearing The Right Bra Size? Tips For Measuring Yourself Correctly

You’re super excited about a fabulous party this weekend and have already picked out your dress. But when you try it on, something seems amiss. Chances are the problem lies less with the outfit and more with what lies underneath it.

You’ve probably heard this numerous times before—a majority of women wear the wrong bra size. Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, you could be one of them?

Loose straps, cup spillage, bands riding up, underwire poking into your ribs or loose cups. These are telltale signs that you’re wearing the wrong size. But before you go bra shopping, take a few minutes to pick up that measuring tape and follow these three easy steps. (For best results, get someone else to measure you)

Step 1: Measuring Band Size
Band size or chest size is usually the circumference of your chest right below your breasts. You can be bare-chested or wear a non-padded bra when measuring. Wrap the measuring tape around your back, below your breasts and across your rib cage. Make sure the tape is snug and parallel to the ground.

Measuring Band Size If your measurement is in fractions, round up to the nearest whole number. If you get an even number, add four inches to it. If you get an odd number, add five. For instance, if your measurement is 28 inches, your band size is 32 inches. If your measurement is 31 inches, your band size is 36 inches.

Step 2: Measuring Cup Size
Cup size is the circumference of your chest across your breasts. Wrap the measuring tape around your back and across the fullest part of your breasts. Again, make sure it’s level with the ground. Round up the reading to the nearest whole number.

Measuring Cup Size Step 3: Calculating Your Size
Subtract your band size from your cup size. For instance, if your cup size is 36 inches and your band size is 32 inches, the difference is 4 inches. Refer to the chart below to determine your final cup size.

Cup Size Chart

Your final size is the band size and the cup size, ie 32D

Step 4: Verify, Verify, Verify!
One of the easiest ways to figure out if you’ve measured yourself correctly is to put on a well-fitting t-shirt over a trial bra. If the cups tend to wrinkle or the breasts bulge out of the cup, the size is incorrect. To be sure, measure yourself more than once to make sure you have the same reading.

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Nike Pro Bra 2

You may be extremely confident about your ability to find the perfect bra, but sometimes it’s a good idea to make sure you’re on the right path. A woman’s body goes through several changes throughout her life span, and your bra size may be altered due to factors like weight gain or ageing. So go on, put those math skills to the test!

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