Designer Speak: Meet the Out-of-the-Box Duo of Quirk Box

From adorable mouse pads to intriguing jackets and dresses, you’ve loved their products. Hence, we got chatting with the faces behind the lively brand, Quirk Box. Designers Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia were finalists at The British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards in 2008. They recently showcased their Resort Wear collection at Lakme Fashion Week’s Gen Next show in 2013, where it was much appreciated and talked about. With celebs including Deepika Padukone and Kajol taking to the brand, let’s peek into what goes in their minds, when they create exceptional, fun, crazy and of course, quirky collections.

 Designers of Quirk Box

Every new, young venture has a story. What is yours? How did you start Quirk Box?
We (Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia) wanted to extend our creative forte into new mediums, into new domains, and create a label that we found exciting and original, which was unique and spelt individuality. Thus, we intertwined art and fashion, as a result Quirk Box was born.

Were there any hits and misses in the process of establishing the brand?
The greatest challenge is within our own work space rather than outside of it. With two individuals trying to find a sense of perfection in art and fashion, we often reach a deadlock. We do understand that we both always have the best interest of the brand in mind, and always find a mutual ground. You cannot really foretell your obstacles, so we rather not stress over what we don’t know, and face them as they show up. Together we are a potent force.

What is your inspiration for these products as well as the designs?
Having studied and lived in Southeast Asia, local art and artists became strong influences in my (Jayesh Sachdev) design education. Additionally, manga has been a dominant part of my learning years.

Further, at Quirk Box we are inspired by our experiences, which change every day, and we allow that reflects in our designs. We simply create what we enjoy and what we find fun. The ideology of Quirk Box prints is to have a global appeal. Every viewer must connect with the designs as they are storytellers, instant mood changers and conversation starters.

Designers of Quirk Box

Describe the kind of people you visualize using your products?
A Quirk Box product user is fun, unconventional, free spirited, passionate and independent, with a personal sense of style. It may be anyone who wants to make a statement. Our products are easy to wear, simple to coordinate, and an instant head turner. The labels help you extend your style quotient to your home, office, and the designs are functional.

Is there any celebrity who you want sporting Quirk Box products? If yes, any specific product.
We hope to see Kiran Rao in a Quirk Box Boyfriend Jacket, Farhan Akhtar in the Quirk Box Jacket, Anushkha Sharma in one of the maxis and many more celebrities sporting our designs.

Do you follow a specific trend or inspired from local looks?
Quirk Box is about innovation and originality. We strive on creating concepts which are fresh, fun, internationally appealing, unique and of course, quirky. We are not trying to capture any trend, we are creating what we experience every day.

Designers of Quirk Box

Do you see Quirk Box switching from just colourful designs to experimenting more with sombre colours or prints? Also, what is your plan for the future?

There are no restrictions in terms of the design for our upcoming collections. We are open to exploring almost everything there is.

Our spot on Lakme Fashion Week has opened new markets. We are also showcasing our products at North East Fashion Fest, which will lead to new opportunities for the brand. The online market is also growing tremendously and Quirk Box is highly active on social media platforms. To expand our reach into diverse markets across and beyond India, we are working in several ways like – digital marketing, promotions, collaborations related to art, fashion and designing, etc.

What is your personal favourite Quirk Box design/product?
Minions Collection and Stuck with Stupid Collection are one of our personal favourites. In products, Animal Farm Planner and Minion Boyfriend Jacket are what we love.

Rapid fire - 

  • Quirk to you is: Fun, creative, and unconventional
  • Two words that describe your creativity: Quirky and original
  • In your leisure time you: Travel and play tennis
  • Quirkiest outfit/thing you own: Yellow shoes
  • Staple wardrobe essential for you is: Jackets

So, that was our tête-à-tête with Quirk Box. Thanks Jayesh and Rixi! We wish you all the very best, and look forward to your future creations.

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