Meet Giveter, Your Virtual Gifting Companion

For all those times you were stuck while buying that perfect gift for a loved one and ended up either going totally off-track or letting go off the idea completely, don’t you wish you had someone help you choose just the right present? At least now you do, because this online service does just that. Giveter, started by the likes of people who themselves found it difficult to look for appropriate gifts, helps you choose from gifting options. All you need to do is select the occasion, the age of the person you want to gift and the relationship you share with him/her. Once that’s done, hit ‘Discover Gifts’ and it takes you to a world of choices.
For example, when we searched for gifts for our niece’s birthday, we got options like baby beds, doll shaped cakes, mummy’s little girl mugs and more. Click on one of them and it directs you to the website that sells these products online.
Simple, yes? And you don’t even need your best friend or sister to come shopping with you, you’re online helper Giveter will do that job!
To view Giveter’s website, click here.
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