Member Review of Super 8: Not So Super

A couple of InOnIt members decided to catch Super 8, the play last weekend at the comedy store. Here is their review:

I am not a theatre student. Nor am I a critic. I am someone who enjoys watching plays because of good content and good acting. Having seen former plays by Akvarious productions, I never once doubted the quality of this play. Before watching it, that is.

While Super 8 promised to be a compact collection of contemporary comedies presented by 8 different writers, the only thing it managed to be was a compact set of random jottings showcased to the public in a haphazard manner. The attempt to present a humorous take on serious topics such as honor killing  (“ Plan B” by Siddharth Kumar) or the outlook of  a divorced couple regarding custody of their kids (“Who’s your parent now?” by Siddharth Kumar) or on Hitler ( “What If?” by Pete Malicki) lacks in any sort of communication and is highly depressing.

It seems to me that Akvarious Productions had tried to do what Rage Productions managed to with One on One. Unfortunately even with veteran actors like Akash Khurana present, the deficiency of a steady script (for any of their 8 plays) has made it an extremely disappointing effort.

Thank you,
Juhie Kothari

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