“Men Have Woken Up To Buying Bags & Accessories”- Fabian Lintott, HIDESIGN

Hidesign has become synonymous with fashionable leather accessories since 1978. And we all love a man who takes care of his appearance and puts in that extra effort to look smart. We grabbed the chance to talk to Fabian Lintott, Lead Designer, Hidesign Men’s bags and accessories, to know all about stylish men’s accessories.

Hidesign Men's Collection 2013

Hidesign Men’s Collection 2013


Can you tell us what to look forward to in the Men’s 2013 Collection and what are the current trends in men’s accessories.

There is an exciting collection due to hit stores imminently. There are three main themes in this
collection which provide the basis of the inspiration behind the ranges. The Great Gatsby and the 1920s, the essence of Africa and 50’s style. A few stand-out pieces in my mind are: Harrison a range made from our sumptuous Siberia leather with a contrast trim. This range has the added luxury of having leather lining which propels this range to supreme luxury. My must-have! This range was inspired by the great Gatsby and the 1920’s and truly captures the opulence of the period. Kurt using our premium Soho leather with a contrast in our more rugged leather called Camel. This collection inspired by the essence of Africa will be the perfect companion work or play. The nature of the Camel leather is such that it improves with wear. For the classic look I would chose the Elton work bag which has a structure top handle. Inspired by the briefcases of the 1940’s it is a structured look that would give your work wear the sharp classic twist it deserves. Think Gregory Peck and Humphrey Bogart, smooth sophistication.

Tell us about the difference in designing for men and women.

Men tend to like muted styles that are not too outwardly outrageous, but are practical and stylish. Women on the other hand are into the glamour of bags and want their bags to be more noticeable and colourful. They want their bags to really bring a statement to their outfit.

In spite of living in the age of the Metrosexual Man, do you think most men are actually open to buying bags for themselves and other accessories?

I think men have woken up to buying bags and accessories. For a long time men have been satisfied with owning one bag and using it for 10 years. This is no longer the case; we are now relishing the variety that is out there and are no longer confining ourselves to that one bag. I myself have far too many bags.

Being the lead designer of Hidesign in London, what do you think are the major differences in the shopping mentality of people in India and London?

Deep down I don t think there is a real difference between the Indian market and the UK. We may have different cultures but our desires are much the same, we want to be respected for our choices. We want our purchases to make use feel good and our bags/accessories must continue to grow into our lives. So we are intrinsically linked to our products which evoke the memories of the journey we have taken. The items we buy express the person we are, in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves.

What are the primary accessories a man should definitely have in his wardrobe?

I would suggest that man has the following items in his wardrobe:
A smart dispatch bag like Harrison from SS ‘13 line.
A classic briefcase for those times you need to be sophisticated – I would chose Elton from the SS ‘13 range.
A casual day bag for the weekend like the Marley.
A leather travel bag and hold-all set like our Kingsley range and one of our leather wallets should form the basic foundation of any mans wardrobe.

What can men look forward to in terms of fashion in 2013?

2013 catwalks were filled with white on white, bold colours, abstract prints with African influences, and a layering of transparent fabrics. Shapes and cuts have been returned to the archive as the luxury houses turn to their brand corn stones to ensure they continue to weather the global economy woes. There are references to the 1920’s opulence and sharp suits, pinstripes and sculpted moustaches.


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