Have You Met Russell Peters?

Russell Peters

Russell Peters: The Indian-Canadian  Comedian

That is a question you should ask yourself given that Canadian stand-up comic Russell Peters is going to be in India at the end of October for his latest tour. For those attending his show, it’s time for you to brush up on your Russell-isms. And, for those of you unfamiliar with this funny man, an introduction is due. Known for his humour on ethnic and cultural stereotypes, we have listed his all-time popular jokes below. Take it and go!

On Bargaining with a Chinese Man: If you think Russell Peters can pull off a neat Indian accent, well then you haven’t heard his version of a Chinese man yet. Watch this video for a good laugh on how he spent his time bargaining with a Chinese man at a mall.

On Indians being Cheap and Invention of Zero: “Here’s the thing about being cheap, our cheapness changed the world.” Russell Peters is known to mock everything desi and his take on how and why Zero was invented is hilarious.

On Women Being Over Thinkers: According to Russell, women are constantly thinking whereas men hate being asked one question by any women and that is, “Tell me what you are thinking.” Watch his account of Men V/s Women and tell us which side are you on?

On Indians and Louis Vuitton: The funny man never runs out of jokes on Indians and especially the Indian accent. If you’ve missed out on his impression of an Indian man trying to pronounce the name of luxury brand Louis Vuitton correctly, here’s your chance.

On Going Clubbing in Lebanon: Five strangers in a car. Partying at a Bomb Shelter. Enough said. Russell’s tale of his time in Lebanon is one of his most popular jokes and one of our favourites.

And for those of you looking to be entertained without any rhyme or reason, you don’t have to wait until Russell’s next tour. We have five desi stand-up comic artists who you should follow on Twitter for your daily dose of laughter.

The Famous Five :-
Vir Das @thevirdas
Tanmay Bhatt @thetanmay
Rohan Joshi @mojorojo
Sorabh Pant @hankypanty
Sapan Verma @sapanv

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