Shimmery DIY: 6 Fab Ideas for Metallic Nail Art

Metallic Nail Art

Metallic Nail Art

A weekend off at home, and boredom is starting to creep in? Well ladies, there’s so much you can do with your time; getting your nails done, for example. Those sassy talons need some pampering too. How about using your creative streak and getting quirky with your nails? It’s really not that hard to try metallic nail art at home. We give you fabulous nail art ideas to go metallic this season. You can easily try these at home, and you don’t have to be a salon expert to nail it (pun intended).

How to Get Metallic Nails

Whether you’re a social butterfly or not, it’s time for some party on your nails. Metallic is such an apt trend right now, with the party season in full swing. Apply a base layer of nail paint of your choice and then you have a whole range of options to go the metallic way.

  1. Be subtle with a cute little gold heart or a star on the edge of your nail.
  2. Quirk it up with some galaxy inspired nail art with different shiny colours.
  3. Blotchy or geometric, it’s all about your creativity here. Try merging different colours together, being completely random. Call it abstract art if you must, the end result will dazzle in front of your eyes.
  4. Are you that girl who’s obsessed with animal prints? Do I see you nodding frantically? There, there. Here’s what you need to do: Apply a base of gold metallic nail paint, and once that dries, take a black nail art pen and cheetah-fy/leopardify/tiger-fy those catty claws!
  5. If you prefer zebras, then paint your nails a shiny silver with black zebra stripes on top.
  6. A French manicure with gold tips? Yes, please.

Make sure to read our nail polish dos and don’ts so those talons look immaculately gorgeous!

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