All Hail The Bling Tattoo: The Fashionista’s Latest Crush

Are you an accessories junkie? Do you love stacked bangles and rings? Oh, then you’re totally going to crush on these awesome new metallic tattoos!

Don’t worry, you’re safe—these aren’t permanent. (Using metals on a permanent tattoo can be seriously toxic.) This is a smart new way to add the much-needed bling to your body without spending much. These jewellery-inspired tattoos last for four to six days and are perfectly safe for normal skin. You simply need to clean your skin and apply them with water and wait for about 30 seconds. Yes, it’s that easy! You can remove them with baby oil or coconut oil.

These can look quite dressy, so we recommend you try them when you’re out on a vacation or to your best friend’s destination wedding. In India, you can pick up your metallic tattoos here, here and here. Or you can go to your local beauty store and dig for some old henna tattoos in silver and gold—they’ll probably be available at steal-worthy prices.

metallic tattoos

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