6 Mistakes You’re Making While Shaving Your Unwanted Body Hair

Always wanted gorgeous, smooth legs? Waxing may not always be convenient, so you probably skip to the next best option—shaving. However, if you notice red marks and spots and strange growth of hair post-shaving, you’re probably doing it all wrong. Here are a few such mistakes you should avoid STAT.

Mistakes You’re Making While Shaving
1. Shaving As Soon As You Get In The Shower
Yes, we know shaving can be time-consuming, but shaving as soon as you hop into the shower may not be the best thing. You need to let your skin hydrate and become soft as well as wait for your hair follicles to open up, which makes shaving easier. So, wait for 10 to 15 minutes before you start.

2. Skipping The Shaving Cream (And Worse, Using Soap)
Men do it, and you need to do it, too. Invest in good-quality shaving cream meant for women’s skin. Also, ditch the soap when shaving as it severely dries your skin.

3. Using Single Blade, Disposable Razors
It’s fine to use a flimsy disposable razor when you’re travelling or in a hurry. But for regular purposes, invest in a good quality 3 -4 blade razor, as it gives a close shave without the burns. And definitely stay away from your boyfriend’s sharp razor. They’re designed for tough and short facial hair, which don’t work for body hair.

4. Not Replacing The Blade On Time
If you do buy a permanent razor, ensure you replace the blade often. Usually, a blade works best for three to four uses, so replace it to avoid infections and cuts.

5. Shaving In The Wrong Direction
Always shave in the direction of the hair first. This will ensure that you don’t get rough growth afterwards. Once you shave in the direction of the hair, your second stroke could be on the opposite direction to remove excess hair.

6. Not Treating The Razor Burns
Close and regular shaving can cause ingrowth in hair and minor scarring, known as razor burn. While this does not hurt, if you don’t heal it on time these can become permanent marks on your body. Use a body scrub once in a week and apply ice on to the burns.

So show off those toned pins, girl, without worrying about unwanted hair.

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