If You’re Single, It’s Time to Mix & Mingle

Mix & Mingle

Mix & Mingle

In a city where everyone’s busier than the president, it is only natural to lead a life that leaves no space or time for going out there to explore. That does not automatically mean that one doesn’t desire to be social. Jemma Antia and Reemma Dalal realized that what Mumbai really needed was a fresh outlook towards social life. So they started Mix & Mingle, an opportunity for singles to meet new people in Mumbai and expand their social network. They organize exclusive events for eligible singles in the city, whose profiles are screened prior to attending the event to ensure a good mix of people. There’s something interesting for anyone in the age bracket of 25-35 years, 35-50 years, 50 years and up!

So if you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone and get into a comfortable environment, break your inhibitions and meet new people, here’s a list of Mix & Mingle’s events you can look forward to this month:

16th November, Saturday, 9 pm onwards, for 30‐50 year olds
Rs 2000 (or Rs 2,500 at the gate) includes alcohol and appetizers plus a tutored wine tasting by
Fine Wines N More, at a venue in South Mumbai

23th November, Saturday, 9 pm onwards, for 25‐35 year olds
Rs 2000 (or Rs 2,500 at the gate) includes alcohol and scrumptious appetizers by Mumbai’s
Take Home Chef, Harsh Shodhan, at a venue South Mumbai

30th November, Saturday, 9 pm onwards, for 50 years and up
Rs 2000 (or Rs 2,500 at the gate) includes alcohol and appetizers at a venue in South Mumbai

The venue will be revealed post the 2-part screening process (registration form + brief phone interview).
Your personal and contact information will be kept confidential. 

To attend Mix & Mingle events, send an email to mixandmingleforsingles@gmail.com.

 View their Facebook page here.


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