How to Mix Prints in Five Simple Ways

coverWhile putting a look together, there may be some confusion in our minds when we are mixing colors but what is even more daunting is mixing prints. Let’s get right to the tips, shall we? Mixing prints is a trend that has been around for a while now and is so much fun but not everyone is bold enough to take the plunge. Have no worries we are here to help and tell you exactly how to rock this trend.

1. Matching colors: First start by matching colors to pair items for the base of the outfit and think of prints as secondary. For example, black and white is the most common base color combination as it allows you to create an interesting look. Monochrome will always look classy and is your safest bet when it comes to mixing prints. If you’re looking to go bold then contrasting colours will help you make a statement. Let the colors do the talking and the prints will fall in place.

Black & White; a safe bet!

Black and White; a safe bet

2. Classic prints: These include prints like stripes, dots, plaid and animal prints. Animal prints come in plenty of patterns which essentially match with a variety of colors and can be worn with other prints and patterns. Prints like stripes and polka dots come in myriad sizes and can be defined as neutral as well. Smaller patterns result in more subtle print mixes and is perfect for anyone who is nervous about trying this trend. Any combination of the above prints can be safely worn together.

Classic+Neutral Prints=Hit combo!

3. Size matters: Another easy way to mix the prints that you have hanging in your closet is by blending big prints with small prints. The contrast of big prints with smaller ones and thick prints with thinner ones makes your overall look visually appealing while still making a strong, yet not overwhelming statement.

Mixing small prints with big; a good start for beginers

4. Less is more: Don’t go trying to use every piece of your clothing that you have in your closet. No more than two prints at a time is a good rule for beginners and three prints at a time for the extremely daring fashionista. Four or more is asking for trouble! Mixing this printed short cropped jacket with this striped dress will help you put together a chic look, while staying well within the boundaries of the number of prints you should mix.

Two prints at a time is a safe bet.

Two prints at a time is a safe bet.

5. Accessorizing: When mixing prints, accessorizing can help you in various ways while putting together your outfit. Mixing prints should not be limited to just your bigger pieces, it can be for smaller ones too! Is too much animal print or geometric print leaving you a bit overwhelmed? Try adding a subtle approach to the trend by opening up your print mixing to include your solid-colored accessories.

Statement accessory makes your look complete.

Statement accessory makes your look complete.

You may have found this trend difficult to try, but now it’s time to showcase your creative streak by just following these simple tips. So, which of these daring ideas are you going to try? Do share your looks with us in the comments below or tweet to us at @get_inonit.

Read on for more on mixing prints, and load up on printed apparel.

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