How to Mix Prints Like A Fashion Editor

Mixing prints is a huge trend that has been around since awhile and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It may seem a bit risque but it’s not as intimidating as it seems once you experiment and embrace it head-on. It also helps you make better use of so many items in your wardrobe. We help you polish those skills of mixing it up, to ensure you make a fabulous style statement when you step out in your  bold ensemble.

Everyone's favourite Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester nails it with this bright ensemble of mixed printsEveryone’s favourite Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester nails it with this bright ensemble of mixed prints

  • Begin with choosing a bold printed piece, be it a printed top, skirt or blazer. This will be your central item that you’ll work the rest of your outfit around.
  • Mixing florals with stripes is a great idea. Make sure the floral print is bright and the striped piece is in neutral colours like black and white.
  • Another great print to pair stripes with is polka dots. You can mix black and white prints or brighter colours in the print.
  • Be sure to stick to one colour family with all your prints. The easiest way to do this is ensuring that both prints share a similar colour so that they flow well together.
  • Stick to a max of 2 prints in your outfit to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark.
  • The key to mixing prints is all in the size and shape. Bigger prints should always be paired with prints of a smaller scale to look trendy and not like you lost your way to the circus.
  • If mixing bright prints are too overwhelming for you, choose black and white prints for a classy ensemble and bring a dash of colour with a bold bag, shoes or other accessories.
  • You can always rely on stripes to pair any print with. It’s safe and a sure-fire way of working this style.
  • A printed scarf is extremely handy to have around when you choose to embrace this trend, in a more subtle way. You can complete an ensemble of a printed skirt and neutral tee with a bright printed scarf.
  • Fashion and confidence go hand in hand. You can pull off anything with oodles of self-confident. Don’t be too self-conscious when you’re strutting your printed style.


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