The Most Sexist Tweets To Arise From The Hrithik-Suzanne Rs400Crore Alimony Rumour

hrithik suzanne
It’s official—the Rs 400 crore alimony from the Hrithik Roshan-Suzanne Khan divorce is a rumour. While news reports are gleefully touting this figure and Twitter is abuzz with nasty jokes and tweets, the actor posted a tweet of his own, trashing the rumour.


But what really got our goat were the sexist, atrocious and utterly nasty ‘jokes’ being created out of the situation—most notably by women. How quickly has this issue spiralled from a celebrity divorce to a vicious, personal attack on women’s morals.

Here are Twitter’s most sexist tweets. #shameonindia

1. This bitter man has equated a marriage breakup to prostitution. Is that all you see women as, sir?

2. This dear, jealous lady thinks nothing of awarding someone she doesn’t know the ‘Greediest Noble <sic> Prize’.

3. These unenlightened souls think an ‘independent’ woman shouldn’t be asking for any money from her ex-husband. Never mind that she has kids to take care of and a full-time career to build.

4. This lovely man has made even this into a religious issue. SMH.

5. While this one equates her to a dog. How much of your personal wealth are you willing to donate to the poor, sir?

6. Of course, the country’s favourite punching bag Sonia Gandhi wasn’t left far behind in an issue that had no remote connection to her.

7. Some choice adjectives used to describe a lady they haven’t ever met/spoken to.


8. And finally, this lady who is quick to judge another and brand her an extortionist.


Images courtesy: ibn, pinkvilla

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