Which Movie Couple Are You?

It’s the season of romance as love is in the air. As Valentine’s Day is getting closer, I’m suddenly spotting couples everywhere. However, no matter how much you claim “we don’t really have a type”, let’s be clear we all do! Your BFF and her boyfriend indulge in PDA? That couple who looks like they are already married? The one that fights like cats and dogs? Find out which movie couple you are as we list our favorite five.

1)      How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

crushable dotcom my-boyfriend-thinks-im-fat-how-to-lose-a-guy-in-10-days

You guys get on each others’ nerves and every now and then you feel you have no more nerves left. War is declared as you fight like Achilles and Hector. Had you not been in love, you would lose each other in ten days. But your connection is too strong and fights are just a part of it ( plus it is followed by post war love making!). No roses without thorns. But nevertheless, you and your man probably would perform a duet on “you’re so vain” if given an opportunity.

V-Day Tip: Hit the bar and make sure you wear great shoes while doing so.

 2)      Friends With Benefits


So you guys probably thought lets follow the “casual dating” trend but ended up falling for each other the hard way. I wonder why you would even try to act cool. Casual dating doesn’t remain casual 80% of the times. Don’t you watch movies? Dylan and Jamie are best friends, but could they keep love out? Oh no, it slowly comes creeping in, slow but steady it does. But the best part is you are comfortable with each other and accept each other’s flaws. So what if you are emotionally damaged? He loves you even with your dark side.

V-Day Tip: Go dancing, imagine you are part of a flash mob and dance the night away with your soul mate.

 3)      50 First Dates

taringadotnet tumblr_m1ae8oIkvw1r47jblo1_500 (1)


rebloggydotcom tumblr_m1ae8oIkvw1r47jblo2_500

You use “aww” so often that Oxford will probably consider adding it to the dictionary: the characteristic sound of a woman feeling special. You are that sappy and achingly sweet couple that most other pairs just cannot comprehend. Ultimately romantic, you probably watched “50 First Dates” fifty times already. Girls ask their boyfriends to learn from your guy to be romantic and boys wish their ladies were as caring as you. You definitely have times when you get horribly angry but then the blow to your head doesn’t let you hold a grudge. Just kidding, I know your head is all fine.

V-Day Tip: Have a beach side romantic date, later go on a yacht and let the waters run deep.

 4)      The Holiday

theotherjulietblogspotthe holiday

Have you ever been in one sided love? Like you would do anything for him and he would obviously be kind enough to let you do him all the favors. He would tell you how good a friend you are and how much he cares about you but you remain confused whether to be happy about that or feel sad. Then you can relate yourself to Iris and probably have learnt her monologue by heart. If you still haven’t gotten out of the one sided love affair maintaining loyalty to an imaginary relationship, it’s high time you do. “You’re supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for God’s sake!” After all, your true prince charming Miles is waiting for you.

V-Day Tip: Do nothing special for your imaginary boyfriend and indulge yourself instead. Let that guy who has a crush on you take you out. Make sure you wear red.

 5)      Beauty And The Briefcase


You are the fashionista, the beauty and he is the briefcase carrying man working in a very boring profession. You are dressed Instagram-ready each day but cannot really make out the difference between his 10 shirts of the same pattern. You bring out the best in him. You add colors to his life and he knows that. You know he scored zero out of your checklist but then having a checklist is so cliché. A steady and stable relationship, this one’s going long term.

V-Day Tip: Help him loosen up, get set for an open air terrace dinner and let him watch the stars. But before that fix him a shopping appointment.

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