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A lot can be said about the music scene in Mumbai. I have been following it closely for about 3 years now and one of my observations is that, it’s not so much of an underground scenario as it is indie. I mean, music is quite celebrated in this metropolitan, but it just isn’t highly nurtured.

When you think back at some of the best rock bands to come out of India, Indian Ocean and Parikrama are immediately called to memory. Now think back at the best Mumbai-based acts to it the Indian music scene and it is a little tougher to pick a very famous name. There are plenty of artistes in Mumbai, it’s just that they don’t really make it in the ‘big-time’.

I have noticed that most artistes like to perform, and their fans love to watch them perform as well. The problem with this is, there aren’t enough venues to hold gigs and many of the artistes don’t manage to get that push into their 15 minutes of fame. Many groups do manage it, but there are countless groups which are forced to disband and get on with their lives without setting foot on a stage. Some one-hit-wonders also manage to play one or two shows and then are never heard of again. But some of the best bands to hear have managed to stay together for years and perform countless times, even touring out of the country and returning to loud and proud crowds.

The indie scene prevails because artistes like to do their own thing. Getting tied down to a record company means going by what the producers ask you to make. Musicians love to perform and they do it for the love of music! Fans love to hear them and they would even be ready to buy their albums. But ultimately it is up to the artiste to keep doing what they do and perform at venues like BlueFROGHard Rock CafeLive From The ConsoleB69 by BajaaoBonoboZenzi, and many others which may give them a chance to show their talents. And it is up to their fans to follow them around to try and catch a sound of their guitars strumming, their drums banging and their voices echo. And we do it, because we love to watch them and we are awed by their presence.

- Sean Sequeira 


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