6 Must-Have Accessories For EVERY Working Woman

Often, when following the daily routine of work and home chores, you end up ignoring the small details in your look. For instance, you could be wearing a pretty dress, but it would look incomplete without a nice belt or a neck piece. And ladies, you know that these little touches can make or break an outfit. So we list down a few must-have accessories that every working woman should have in her wardrobe.

must-have accessories for working women 1. A Statement Time Piece
If you’re going to eat breakfast during your commute and shift from one meeting to another during the day, you really need to keep track of time. Get a sturdy yet stylish watch, which goes with all your formal outfits. Buy here.

2. Light and Stunning Necklace
While a statement necklace is the in thing, it doesn’t really go well with work wear. So we suggest you get light chains and delicate necklaces that add a touch of perfection to your look and still don’t stand out. Take your pick from a range of necklaces here.

3. Formal Scarves
Invest in a few solid colour and sober print scarves that convert your boring formal wear into something lightly quirky. In fact, you can always tie them differently and convert your office clothes to evening wear. Buy here.

4. Stud Earrings
Solitaires, gold or silver stud earrings are just right for your sober office attire. They look feminine and add a bit of charm to your look. Get pretty stud earrings here.

5. Stylish Sunglasses
No matter how busy you are, you can’t avoid the sun protection that only your sunglasses can provide. Ensure that you pick up good quality sunglasses to protect your peepers during the commute. Find gorgeous sunglasses here.

6. Functional Gadget Covers
Finally, your phone and tablets need protective covers. So why not opt for something that looks chic and classy. Check out a range of covers here.

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