10 Must-Have Undergarments for Your Closet

Florals, tea lengths, basic staples and more, you may be well aware of what you need to stock up in your wardrobe for individual as well as all seasons. However, most women often struggle with finding the right kind of lingerie to wear with the latest trends.

You don’t want a pesky bra line or panty line to show when you wear minty pastels or pencil skirts. Hence, we write about ten all time must-haves for your undergarments section. After all, why should Victoria have all the pretty secrets!

The Right Bra
“Right” being the keyword here! Most Indian women are known to wear wrong sized bras. Get yourself measured by a professional and invest in a bra that fits you just right. Buy everyday t-shirt bras, convertible ones, nude ones and bras with colourful, frilly straps.

Must-Have Undergarment

Blue Convertible: Rs.649, Black Basic: Rs.649, Coral Lace: Rs.649

Sports Bra
This is not one of those expenses when you pay for the gym and never go, purchasing a good quality sports bra will help you for many other occasions than just the gym. It gives you support, and ensures that you body gets to breathe when you go for long walks, treks and more.

Must-Have UndergarmentSports Bra: Rs.1150

Cotton Panties
You are going to need good quality cotton panties ‘that time of the month’ and also for everyday wear. Wearing lace or lycra during summer or monsoon can leave you very uncomfortable.


Basic Maroon: Rs.250

Fancy Panties
After all, you can’t wear granny undies everyday, right! Go crazy with lace, g-strings, boy shorts, colours and more.

Must-Have UndergarmentPretty in Pink: Rs.349, Purple Lace: Rs.479, Floral: Rs.295

Let this essential lingerie take care of your cellulite and love handles. A well fitting and good quality shapewear can make you look fitter, thinner and sexy.

Must-Have UndergarmentBody Shapewear: Rs.1499

Indian women wear slips with tops, kurtis and salwaar kameez; hence, it is essential to buy a slightly longer cotton slip in white or black shade. It will not only save wardrobe malfunction for transparent clothes in monsoon, but also cover-up bra seams that look strange inside the t-shirt.

Must-Have Undergarment

Lace Camisole: Rs.399

Half Slip
Ladies, sheer is in, but we don’t want to see panty lines or muffin top effect in your outfit. Get a half-slip for your skirts and dresses.

Must-Have Undergarment

Waist Shapewear: Rs.3749

Stockings with Garter Belt

Stockings and printed pantyhose are all the rage right now. Get thigh-highs or waist stocking in prints and colours along with a sultry garter belt. Feel sexy all day.

Must-Have Undergarment

Stockings: Rs.375, Thigh-Highs: Rs.499, Garter Belt: Rs.299

Naughty Lingerie
For the bedroom and for days when you feel like dull and drab, need we say more! Purchase robes, matching bra-panty sets, printed camisole, etc.

Must-Have Undergarment

Lingerie Set: Rs.1950, Babydoll: Rs.1799

Wash Bag and Garment Tape
This definitely is a must have for your undergarment section. A wash bag help you care for your delicates and a tape for avoiding wardrobe malfunction for backless dresses, crop tops and more.

Must-Have Undergarment

Wash Bag: Rs.299, Garment Tape: Rs. 649

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