Wear Your Mind On Your Sleeve: 5 Types Of Slogan Tees You MUST Have In Your Closet

Sometimes, you want to project your inner thoughts and feelings to the world—whether it’s a social cause, support for a friend, or just a joke—but don’t want to carry a placard with you everywhere. Whatever your thoughts maybe, the best way to convey them is to wear it. Slogan tees are your walking personal advertising boards. Pair them with jeans, shorts or skirts and let your personality shine through. Here are a  few tees with different themed slogans we are sure you will love.

1. Jai Bharat
Feeling patriotic, but don’t want to don the boring flag colours (or a dhoti pajama)? We’ve got you covered! These t-shirts have funny and catchy Hindustani slogans. Who said being desi meant you had to be boring and uncool? Express your love for thy neighbour or maybe Rajni with these cool tees.

slogan teesA: Paaji Print; B: Rajnikant Print & C: Yellow T-shirt

2. Rebel With A Cause
You are the party queen, a wild child and one who never follows the rules. Why not tell the world you don’t give a damn what people think? In life, it’s your way or the highway—so make sure everyone is aware of that with these rebellious slogan tops.

slogan teesA: Don’t Worry White Tee; B: Rules Pink Tee & C: Parental Advisory Black Tee

3. Message To The Masses
Spread the message of awareness with these ecological, conservation and and peace slogan printed tops. We are all the future of this world, are we not?

slogan teesA: Save The Trees; B: Recycle Red Print & C: Teach Peace Slogan

4. Witty Affair
Got a smart mouth and a witty sense of humour? Well, you, my friend, are not alone. Voice your opinions through creative writing on your t-shirts. Go, get them with your sarcasm.


slogan teesA: Phir Ghoor Raha Hai Tee; B: Pink Brain Top & C: Green T-shirt


5. Stud Muffin
Take a cue from the great Johnny Bravo, and show your narcissistic side to people with these awesome self-praising tops. Nobody loves you more than you, ain’t that right?

slogan teesA: Johnny Bravo Black Tee; B: I Am Awesome Red Tee & C: Simple Pleasures

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