Must Try: Make-up Trends for Spring Summer 2014

spring make-up trends

Make-up Trends S/S 2014.

You may have updated your wardrobe as per the new fashion season, swapped peplums for crop tops and replaced neon colors with radiant orchids. But don’t go calling yourself a true-blue fashionista yet, if you haven’t extended this revolution to your make-up drawer. If you find yourself stuck in a beauty rut, always reaching out for the same red lipstick and black eye-shadow look, we hope these must-try make-up trends for Spring Summer 2014 get you inspired.

1. Kiss and Make-up…

Electric Orange Lipstick
While you may continue to be loyal to your favourite shade of lipstick, we suggest you cheat on it once in a while this season with an electric orange lipstick that not only goes well with almost all skin tones ( remember to choose a shade matching to yours) but also is creating waves in the beauty industry.

Orange Lipstick

Bright is Nice

 Soft Berry Lips
We can see some of you cringing at the mere thought of wearing such a bright colour as orange on your lips. Well, you can always stick to the classic soft berry lips that is making a strong comeback this year. However, if you choose to wear it for a night out, make sure you blend it with a darker colour for extra oomph.

This make-up trend is already a hit with Hollywood celebs.

This make-up trend is already a hit with Hollywood celebs.

2. Eye to Eye…                            

Blue Eye Shadow and Liner
If you ain’t the kind to shy away from bright and bold colors then the dazzling colour blue is your friend this season, Whether its cobalt, teal, electric or steel blue, this eye make-up trend is sexy, modern and eye-catching.

blue eye shadow

Something blue


Cat-Eyes and Other Pencil Drawn Shapes
We always had a thing for drama and it makes us glad that the bewitching cat-eyes trend continues to be in vogue. While getting it right may not be easy for most of you, we suggest you start practising it now.

Time to get catty!

Time to get catty!

While you are at it, also try other geometric and angular inspired shapes from the sexy retro era.

geometric eye makeup

Back to School: Geometric Eye Make-up!

3. In Your Face…

Go Natural

A trend dominating the runways and recent Hollywood red carpet events is the natural look. Keeping most of the face bare with minimal make-up, this trend focuses on using tinted moisturizer, concealer, well conditioned skin and lips –  in short all natural, dewy but with a golden glow finish. This Indian summer-friendly trend is by far our favorite.

natural make up

Fresh as a flower: All natural make-up

Schoolboy Brows
Size does matter in the case of eyebrows as arched and finely shaped eyebrows have given way to schoolboy or thick eyebrows.  While it does remind us of our early adolescent days, you need not wait for it grow all back. Grab an eye pencil and draw a full-grown eyebrow with it. You may use boyfriend or brother as reference.

thick eyebrows

Size Matters: SchoolBoy Brows


It’s Black and White
The traditional French manicure gets a makeover this year as various combinations of black, white and nude dominated fashion runways this year. We love the black on black version of French manicure and also the stroke of navy color instead of the traditional white tip.

nail trends

French Manicure gets a makeover this season

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