My Gym: Fitness For Tiny Tots

Gym. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. While that is the life story of most of us living in Mumbai, what about the fitness of the little people running around our houses? When we heard that a gym for children has launched in Mumbai, we were intrigued. What would possibly interest a naughty champ to do cardio?! My Gym, an international franchise of fitness centers has everything a kid needs to work out in a fun, safe and friendly environment.
After having established its name in more than 270 locations across the world, My Gym’s first fitness centre is now operating in Bandra in Mumbai, and children between the ages of 6 weeks and 13 years can be enrolled here. The space is generous sprinkled with bright colours of blue, yellow, green and red and spread spaciously, so expect a lot of tiny tots running around in excitement.
Kids can drown into a vivid world of workouts that include tumbling, relays, songs, games, puppets, rides, sports and gymnastics. The space set up changes every week with custom made equipment so toddlers can participate in a fresh program and break the monotony. The gym’s programs are carefully constructed and analysed to give children an experience that will build their confidence, self-esteem, strength, flexibility and social skills. Definitely sounds like a great way to enhance the physical growth of your child!
My Gym will soon hold an open house, so parents can get more information about the facilities available. You can also visit the center to inquire and leave your details so they can get back to you with their latest programs.
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