Happy Feet: 6 Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas To Pretty Up Your Toes

Half moons, stripes, metallic or 3D—we know you adore your nail art. Whether you wear artificial nails or decorate your natural ones, you spend hours researching the right style for you. Well, we’ve made your job simpler. Here are six creative nail art ideas for your toes.

1. Candy Nails
Make foot-in-the-mouth seem like a fun thing by painting your toes in candy colours. All you need is pop-coloured nail enamel and a white paint pen. Use the nail paint pen like a regular pen and create candy logos of your choice. The one showed in the picture is the easiest to do and looks delectable. Get your nail paint pen here.

nail art ideas for toes

2. Tech Nails
If you are a tech addict who loves her gadgets and games, try this style on your nails. Get the logo of your favourite brand or paint a video game remote on the big toe. Use nail paint pens (buy here) or a dotting tool (get it here) to make the designs. You can even use readymade nail stick-ons for this (buy it here).

nail art ideas for toes

3. Tribal Nails
Get on board the tribal and geometric print trend by adding it to your toenails. Add a touch of metallic to complete the look. Geometric prints are the easiest to do, so try this at home using a bobby pin, before you spend tons of money in a salon. Get inspired from these designs and DIY toenails with a paint pen.

nail art ideas for toes

4. Cartoon Nails
We’ve already told you how much we love cartoon nails on your hands. Then why not try them on your feet, too? Save a little and pamper yourself by heading to a salon and getting fun, interesting cartoon characters on your toenails. Use nail art brushes and paint pens to make your toes cartoon heads.

nail art ideas for toes

5. Half Moon Nails
Half moons are a great idea for short and stubby nails. These work well for the foot as they give the illusion of big and healthy nails. Apply paint normally, then use a cut-out tape or paper in a moon shape and apply contrasting colour paint. Learn more about it here.

nail art ideas for toes

6. Ombré Nails
These are the easiest yet most fun to do. Get nail paints of light to dark shades and apply them as shown in the picture. No shading, no difficult designs—just easy and fun ombré nails.


We are sure your mind is buzzing with different combinations to try on your feet. Why don’t you share your ideas with us? We’d love to hear from you.

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