How To Choose The Right Nail Colour For Your Skin Tone

It’s a fact that not everyone can carry off all kinds of nail polish shades—they depend greatly on your skin tone. We tell you the right shades to pick for a striking effect. But before we get to that, here are a few tips to follow.

  1. Pick only those shades that flatter your skin tone
  2. Create a good contrast. Trust us; nothing looks better than applying different shades on your feet or hands.
  3. Do not choose very bright colours (such as neons) for both your feet and hands.

Okay, think you’ve got it. Now check out which shades are making us go berserk!

For Pale Skin
Though you can carry most of the shades with élan, it is equally important to figure out which shades flatter your skin the most. Your best bets are bold, striking and vibrant colours such as orange, reds and pink-toned polishes which complement your fair skin tone and make your nail colour stand out.

Nail color combinations

For Wheatish Skin
If you have a medium- or olive-skinned complexion, try peachy shades, neutrals, bright colours or subtle pastel shades to give your skin tone a contrasting effect.

Nail color combinations

For Dusky Skin
Burgundy, plum or deep berry shades look great on dusky complexion. You can also create a contrast by wearing metallics or pastel shades, which will make your nail colour pop.

Nail color combinations


Now, when you next go to a nail bar, select some staple and classic shades as per your skin tone and you’re good to go!

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