Nail Polish Dos and Don’ts

Fresh, immaculately manicured nails painted with your current fave colour are like rays of sunshine on a gloomy day. But more often than not, there is always a dark obstacle looming over this vivid brightness. The nail polish has gone dry, the colour starts to chip off within hours of applying it, or you just can’t seem to get that smooth whooshing movement of the brush.  Wait, you don’t have to take classes from Picasso to paint those gorgeous nails. We give you important and simple nail polish dos and don’ts for that perfect manicure at home.


  • Don’t use nail polish remover when you think your polish is dry and you need to thin it. It’s a common misconception that the remover is apt in such cases, but in fact the acetone content can damage the gloss in your nail paint.
    Oh, how we love busting myths!
  • Don’t ever leave your nail polish on for more than two weeks, because it can cause damage to your pretty, delicate talons.
    Besides, chipped off nail colour or half painted nails look uglier than Nicki Minaj’s personal wardrobe.
  • Of all the places in your house, your bathroom should be off limits for nail polish storage. Polishes need to be stored in stable temperature conditions and cool, dark spaces. Temperature in the bathroom keeps fluctuating due to geysers and showers.
    Just like your relationship, your nail polish needs a stable temperament to last longer.


  • Always clean your nails properly before applying your nail paint. Make sure all excess oils are removed for a longer lasting effect. Applying hand cream helps to keep your cuticle area supple and moist. Do make sure to leave a time gap between cleaning your hands and applying the polish.
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder does not apply in this case, wash your hands as many times as you want to during the day. Cleanliness freaks can do their happy dance now.
  • Primary rule of applying nail polish: apply it in five or less than five strokes on a nail, to avoid over coating and thickness. Unevenness can really ruin the look of the ultimate mani.
    Because the number of outer layers may hide your true colours, but only temporarily!
  • Remember to coat your finger tips with polish or fillers to protect it from breaking.
    Breaking bad!


  • Oftentimes, we forget how important it is to clean the various nail products we use. Always clean your nail equipment such as filer, cutter etc. regularly. Unclean gear can transfer bacteria to your nails and cause infections in the surrounding areas.
    Nail infection exists, don’t be ignorant!
  • Your home-done mani is not complete without sealing the nail colour with a top coat. ALWAYS use a chip-free shiny coating for gorgeous talons.
    This, dahlings, can definitely put a shine to your true colours.
  • If you’re going for a darker shade, don’t forget to apply a base coat to avoid pigmentation and nail stains. Dark nail colours also cause yellowness of the nails, so try keeping them on for shorter periods.
    Listening to Yellow by Coldplay will not make it any better!
  • If your nail paint has gone dry and needs some thinning, use thinner drops that are easily available at beauty stores. Two to three drops are enough to restore the original texture of your polish.
    Amends can be made, in personal life AND nail issues!

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