7 Nail Polish Facts You Can Use To Impress Your Friends

Going for weekly or fortnightly manicure sessions is more than just dressing up your nails; it’s also a time to bond with your girls and get some much-needed pampering. Impress the girls with your knowledge of nail polish by reading up these quick facts.

nail polish facts

1. Manis Existed Even in Ancient Times
Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians loved dressing up their digits. In fact, the ladies in the Ming Dynasty even made their own paint colours using beeswax, vegetable dyes and egg whites. However, only the elite could afford it and were allowed to wear it. The darker the colour of the nails, the higher your rank.

2. The ’50s Did Not Approve of The Red Polish
If you lived in the 1950s, you would not be allowed to rock red and orange shades. These colours were a stigma attached to sex workers and lower class women. In fact, some churches required the ladies to remove any nail paint before going to worship. Thank God, it’s 2014!

3. France DID Invent The French Manicure
You love those natural looking nails when you get a French manicure, but unlike the French kiss, the manicure actually comes from the country. It was developed to separate the lower classes from royalty. Only the wives of high ranking officials wore this manicure.

4. You’re Technically Using Car Paint on Your Nails
Using and creating nail polishes officially dates back to the 1920s, when Revlon became the first company to manufacture them. The nail polishes were made from refined car paint. In today’s times too, your enamel has the same composition as the car paint. Of course, the manufacturing methods is more advanced and safe.

5. Nail Polish Remover Never Fades or Dies
The remover has no expiry date (check your bottle)—it can last as long as you want. It can even outlive you!

6. Nail Polish Does Die
Unlike the remover, the polish does have a shelf life. If you’ve forgotten about a bottle for about a year, you will need to throw it. Yes, we know it is really sad.

7. Feeling Rich? Spend $250,000 for a Nail Polish?
The most expensive nail paint in the world is created by Azature and costs US$250,000 (Rs 1.48 crore). It has 267 real black diamonds. (Whoa!)

nail polish facts - Azatuer

Flaunt your beauty knowledge to your manicurist and girlfriends. And tell us if you have anything to share.

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