Did You Know Everyone Has A Nail Type? Here’s How To Choose The Right One For You

Gorgeous nails speak volumes about your taste in fashion. We know you love your manis and get just the right style matching your outfits. However, there’s more to your manicure than just pretty designs and matching colours—you need to know the right shape for your nails, too. Yes, going round, oval or square can be the difference between your fingers looking long and lean or short and stubby. We tell you how to pick the right shape for your nails.

This classic shape has been around for years. Most nails naturally grow in this shape and need little filing.
Ideal for: Those with wide and narrow nail beds. They offer a graceful tip and create the illusion of longer fingers.

Which nail shape is right for you

When you think of square shapes, you automatically think of a French manicure. It creates a unique look for your digits.
Ideal for: People with wide nail beds and long fingers. The square shape tends to make your nails look shorter and wider, so it is not advisable for people with narrow nail beds and short fingers.

Which nail shape is right for you

Square Oval (Squoval)
Combining the best of both square and oval is the squoval shape; it offers the subtle grace of oval along with the fresh look of square.
Ideal for: Short fingers and small nails, preferably with a wide nail bed. This shape can be tough to achieve, so it’s best to try it with a professional.

Which nail shape is right for you

This is one of the most popular shapes for nails as it can be easily filed and is extremely low maintenance.
Ideal for: Long fingers and wide and narrow nail beds. If you are not fond of long nails and need something that looks nice,  round is the way to go. It is not flattering for small fingers and nails but, if painted well, can look great.

Which nail shape is right for you

This is not the preferred shape for most women as it can be difficult to file and manage. However, it is a top choice of celebs across the world as it has a strong grunge or avant-garde feel to it.
Ideal for: Those with short fingers and small nails, as it offers an illusion of length and leanness. You can also go for it if you have long fingers for an edgy look.

Which nail shape is right for you

We know you’re already thinking of ways to get that perfect nail shape. Take a look at our DIY nail art ideas, while you’re at it. Happy filing, ladies.

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