8 Ways To Get Long, Dreamy Eyelashes, Naturally

Big, beautiful Bette Davis eyes are every girl’s dream, but not everyone is blessed with pretty peepers and fluttering lashes. Celebrities use fake lashes and makeup tricks, but you can’t possibly use those every day. We show you 8 natural ways to grow your lashes and make them look supermodel-esque.

Long Eyelashes
1. Brush your Lashes
Just like your hair, brushing your eyelashes helps them grow, too. Brushing improves the blood circulation around your eyes and allows the natural oil of your skin to reach your lashes. Use a fresh mascara brush twice a day, very gently.

2. Use Vaseline
Vaseline or petroleum jelly helps moisturise your eyelashes and eyelids, which in turn help them gain strength and grow long.

3. Apply Olive Oil
Olive oil is packed with vitamins and minerals. A tinge of it applied overnight lets your eyes soak them all up.

4. Massage Eyelids
Gently massage your under-eyes and eyelids for five minutes every night before you sleep. This helps improve blood circulation and is ideal to get rid of dark circles as well.

5. Improve Your Diet
Remember that foods that work for your hair work for your eyelashes too. Include lots of proteins, vitamin E and vitamin B to your diet. Adding dairy products and green veggies should do the trick. But you can consult a specialist and get external supplements too.

6. Give TLC
While removing makeup, especially eye makeup, you need to be gentle with your eyes. Tugging or pulling your lashes can make them weak and fall out. Use an organic makeup remover or natural alternatives like coconut oil instead of harsh chemicals.

7. Avoid Fake Eyelashes
Fake eyelashes are known to harm the natural ones, so avoid using them. Even if you do, ensure that the glue does not harm your eyes and the lashes come off easily.

8. Have Green Tea
Green tea has a host of benefits for your body and works wonders for your eyes as well. Dab a little on a cotton ball and apply it over your eyes. It stimulates the growth of eyelashes and cleans the follicles.

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