Accessorise Right: How To Pick The Best Necklace For Your Neckline

Choosing the perfect necklace to flatter your neckline can be quite a tricky task as one tiny mismatch can end up spoiling your entire look. To save you the horror, we help you choose the best matched necklace for different necklines.

1. Neckline: V-neck

v-neckVanessa Hudgens

Perfect Pick: V-shaped necklace
No doubt V-neck outfits have a lot of necklace takers but the best match for such a neckline would be a V-shaped necklace. Plunging V-necklines deserve necklaces that end above the neckline and yes, long round necklaces for such a neckline are a complete no-no.

2. Neckline: Strapless

straplessSonam Kapoor & Kristen Bell

Perfect Pick: Choker or small pendant chain
There’s a lot of room for adorning your neck with something elegant in a strapless dress. A choker goes best with a stylish gown and perfectly adds to the look. However, if you wish to go the minimalistic way, a small pendant chain is what you should go for.

3. Neckline: Halter neck

halterPixie Geldof

Perfect Pick: Narrow-end pendants
Now this one’s a little dicey to accessorise. Halter necks create a V shape on your neck. While you can go sans any neckpiece, an understated chain with a narrow-end pendant wouldn’t be a bad idea if you want to accessorise. That’s the best option to leave your neckline clutter-free as there is already a lot happening elsewhere.

4. Neckline: Square

squareKarisma Kapoor

Perfect Pick: Round and short necklace
Square necklines draw a lot of attention to your neck and you certainly want it to be a pretty sight. We recommend opting for round and short neckpieces to complement the square shape of your neckline. Once again, the classic choker does wonders here.

5. Neckline: Collared shirt

collarRihanna & Huma Qureshi

Perfect Pick: Bib necklace
Don’t let your neckpiece go unnoticed on your collared shirt. There are two ways to spunk up this formal look—either button up your shirt all the way and let the chunky neckpiece peep out right at the neckline or keep the first button open and let the necklace rest above it.

8. Neckline: Boat-neck

boatTaylor Swift

Perfect Pick: Long necklace
Pair boat-necks with long, thin statement necklaces and you are good to go. Never make the mistake of wearing short necklaces because they tend to clash with your outfit neckline, taking away from the outfit.

9. Neckline: Turtleneck

turtleneckSelena Gomez

Perfect Pick: Long pendant necklace
Accessorising turtlenecks is a good idea because they have a tendency to be passed off as boring. Spruce up your turtleneck outfit by sporting a long pendant necklace. Just in case you were in two minds about looking chubby, the chain elongates the shape of your face so you have no reason to worry. If you are sporting a plain turtleneck, you can also give multi-chain necklaces a shot.

10. Neckline: Embellished

embellishedDeepika Padukone & Michelle Dockery

Perfect Pick: Nothing
Go necklace-less when sporting embellished or any other detailed necklines. These necklines do all the work and don’t require any other sort of adornment. Just put on some fun earrings and head out.

Remember the golden rule while choosing necklaces—higher the neckline, lower the necklace. Follow this cardinal rule and thou shalt not sin. Amen!

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