Never been to Prithvi? Don’t worry, there’s always a first.

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After living in Mumbai for 20 years, born and raised, you get the all-knowing feeling when it comes to this city. But one of the most brilliant and enthralling elements of this city is its ability to surprise you. That’s probably why so many people migrate from smaller towns and wherever else to come and live in this city. It’s captivating and enriching.

Being one of the most famous spots in the city, it would be surprising if I, or anyone else, said that they have never heard of Prithvi theatre. I had certainly heard of it, on numerous occasions too. But I had never visited it. My lethargic and sloth-bred lifestyle hadn’t urged me to venture to it, until now.

It wasn’t particularly the play which I went for, it wasn’t the people I went with, it wasn’t the amount of time I spent there; it was much more than that, it drew me in. It was my first time to Prithvi, it was brilliant.

The play was all of 2 hours with a 15 minute interval. It was a nice play and like everything in life it had its shortcomings. But that was not what I was thinking about. The moment I stepped into the auditorium, it was nothing but a sense of awe. The stage, the seating, the soundproofing, the speakers, the lights; everything accounted for; the entire auditorium was bloody brilliant. Having read about it and its owners before going there, I could see the vision for the theatre unfold in front of my eyes and under my feet. Out in the cafe, the famed cafe of Prithvi theatre, I half knew what to expect, but I still wasn’t prepared. The aura was inspiring. It was casual and calm yet the air had a spark of liveliness and creativity. It was a feeling I hadn’t enjoyed since being to a film festival. It was art, it was alive.

It made me want to think, to do something with my life, it made me want to inspire and be inspired. I wondered why I haven’t been to Prithvi before. It’s not too far from home and it makes for an amazing night-out. But then I had no complains. I resorted that it had happened with time, it made me passionate about art all over again and now I can always have it.

- Sean Sequeira

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