Never Will I Ever Do This at the Office Christmas Party

Christmas spirit is probably all over your office – the décor, colour themes, documents and the exciting secret Santa initiative. Next, you may get an invite to a much awaited Christmas bash, full of #FreeDaru and dressed up colleagues *wink*. However, the party may go horribly wrong if you don’t follow basic etiquette. Pledge that “Never will I ever do this at the office Christmas party”, and save yourself some embarrassment.

Be the Drunken Disaster

Christmas Party Drunken Disaster

Yes, you are stressed with work. Yes, it is the end of the week. Yes, it is company-paid alcohol and food. There is no excuse good enough to get drunk and make a fool out of yourself during the party. Embarrassing pictures and videos of your karaoke or bar-top dance will haunt you even after you quit your job. Also, do not forget to book a cab in advance, so you do not drink and drive.

Climb the Social Ladder

Who invited the work-oholic to the party? It is a party, everyone is in the holiday spirit, spreading the Christmas cheer, do not use this as an opportunity to talk your way into a higher salary or promotion.

Christmas Party Office Hook-upsWake up with a Colleague (or Worse the Boss)

Everyone knows who the hotties in the office for, and while innocent flirtation will do no harm, make sure your know where to draw the line. You may be the office gossip for weeks, not to mention, what it will do to your professional image.

Get into a Debate

You may have extreme opinions on section 377 or BJP, keep them to yourselves. No one wants to get into a debate when they are partying on the weekend. You may use a line or two for breaking the ice or finding common ground with your boss, but steer clear when you catch the hint of an oncoming argument.

Christmas Party on Social Media

Social Media Maniac

You may be the head of social media enthusiast, doesn’t mean you have to live Tweet the party or promote it on Facebook (Psst! Here are some FB statuses we are sick of). Don the Santa hat and party on!

Get in the holiday mood and be the heart of the Christmas party, without getting into strange situations.

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