New Asian Tastes at Vong Wong

Vong Wong is giving South Mumbai’s commercial hub a new take on Pan Asian food with a revised menu that will feature a little of their previous favourites and a whole lot of new tastes and flavours.

While they have decided to retain the crowd favourites like Chinese Black Cod, Khao Suey, award-winning Pacific Black Cod VSOP, Duck Curry, and others, they have also revamped the menu with plenty of additions like the Banana Prawn Rolls, Som Tum Tord, Steamed Curried Dumplings, Wasabi Prawns, Pia Neung Ma Now, and many, many more.

If you ask them to describe their restaurant in one line, they will most probably say that Vong Wong is a heaven for a dim sum lover. And why not? They will now have upto 50 varieties of dim sum on their menu. They also have seven varities of the popular Chinese dish Cheung Fun.

The stand-out feature of Vong Wong is that they are strongly against the use of monosodium glutamate (commonly called aji-no-moto) because they believe in healthy eating and serving healthy food.

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