New Market – Shopping in Kolkata the Old School Way

Shopping in Kolkata is a celebration in itself, with the historical New Market holding its timelessness amidst the sprouting malls and departmental stores in the city. New Market was commissioned by the Calcutta Corporation in 1871, after the then British residents cried foul over having to brush shoulders with the natives at the bazaars.

New Market in Kolkata

New Market in Kolkata


Hence, the market with a grand Victorian Gothic architecture came up on Lindsay Street, boasting of exclusive retailers of dresses, shoes and books. It was christened Sir Stuart Hogg market in 1903, to honor the then Chairman of Calcutta Corporation.

The Oldest Market

Today, New Market still manages to command almost a reverential awe from shoppers all over the world — despite being grazed by two huge fires in 1985 and 2011— and no shopping experience is complete without a visit to the altar of the oldest market in Kolkata.

More than Just Shopping

It was not for nothing that the British set up their capital in the city after taking it over from Siraj-ud-daulah. Steeped in history, and thriving with the richness of culture and tradition, Kolkata today is the only metropolitan city in India, where you will get a proper meal for as little as fifteen rupees. Of course it won’t be gourmet, but it definitely serves to fill the stomachs of those thousands of people who travel to the city every day from the outskirts and farther, in search of livelihood. Apart from cheap, tasty meals, Kolkata is also famous for a variety of other reasons, one of which is definitely New Market.

Shopping in Kolkata at New Market

Local Shops inside the Market

Practice your bargaining skills

New market, the oldest market in Kolkata, boasts of more than 2000 stalls where you will find everything from clothing to cakes, and flowers to fish. There are many stalls outside the structure of New Market as well, and the hawkers sell their wares at prices that help to justify the ‘City of Joy’ sobriquet. Accessories, bags, shoes, daily knick knacks- there is everything you could ask for. The only thing you have to keep about yourself is your bargaining power, and you could return from a shopping experience that fills out your bags but doesn’t rob your wallet. New Market definitely provides a cheap shopping experience in Kolkata.

Tradition since ages

Shopping in KolkataMost of the renowned shops at New Market were established during the British era, and every step within the historic alleys of the market will fill your senses with the timeless aura of the market. Cotton saris and dress materials are one of the most famous items that fly off the shelves of the market, followed by exquisite brassware. The terracotta artifacts of Bankura are as famous as the junk jewelry of Chamba Lama. If you get too tired while shopping, rest your tired arms on the original marble counters of Nahoum & Sons, while you recharge yourself with the melt-in-your-mouth Rich Fruit Cake.

Shopping at New Market is one of the most exciting things to do in Kolkata, and the bustling length of Lindsay Street promises a memorable experience unmatched in the whole wide world.

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