New Restaurant For Workaholics

It is a rare sight to watch workaholics sit down and eat their lunch in peace. But the recently opened restaurant in the busy area of Lower Parel, where you find working executives in abundance, Pallette – The Urban Kitchenplans to do just that.
We have all encountered workaholics before; a species of humans who move swiftly, dressed to the tee in sleek formal attire, a tapping finger on their smart phones, who talking in code about international businesses.
The difference this time around would be that you would also see them relishing a ravishing burger, a soup, a bagel, a sandwich, a wrap or even a pizza at Pallette. Endorsing the age old formula of self-service (since you don’t have to wait to be served, this form ensures quicker food placement), Pallette has a lot to offer to its patrons. Apart from featuring Continental food, they also have Thai and Indian cuisines, along with mouth-watering deserts and uplifting beverages. On their menu is also our best import from Japan, sushi.
What’s more? To keep you connected even when you are in the middle of lunch or a coffee break, they provide free wi-fi connect too.
Launched on 25th March 2013, they are now open for breakfast until dinner time. Their timings are 9:00 am to 11:00 pm and call on 022 67495700 or 022 67495777 for more details.
The picture is for representational purposes only.
Photo credits: Corbis Images
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