The Newbie’s Guide To Building A Makeup Kit From Scratch

Winged eyeliner, red pout, perfect blush and even skin tone—you love all the easy tips we give you on doing your makeup well. But look into your bag and you’re likely to find just lip balm and kajal. Worry not; we give you a complete guide on building your makeup set from scratch. Read on.

build your makeup kit

Step 1: Base
a. Moisturiser: Start your kit with a cream-based moisturiser that you use on a regular basis.

b. Foundation: Next, add a foundation that matches your skin colour. Since you are not opting for a professional look, ensure that you get a light foundation that mildly covers the skin in a single tone. Check out the foundations we love here.

c. Compact: Get a pressed powder to soak away excess foundation and to touch-up your skin when you’re out.


Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation: Rs 575, Lakme Radiance Complexion Compact: Rs 104

Step 2: Eyes
a. Eyeliner: An eyeliner works wonders for your eyes. From basic highlighting to winged liners, you can do so much with this. Take a look at different kinds of winged eyeliner here.

b. Kajal: This is the basic essential for any makeup kit. It brightens your eyes in a subtle way.

c. Mascara: Make your eyes look more open and dramatic with black, waterproof mascara. This one is a must-have for your night out.

Highlight your eyes with the following products.


Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eye Liner: Rs 189, Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hour Smudge Free Black: Rs 140, Lakme Lash Artist Mascara: Rs 300

Step 3: Cheeks
a. Blush-on: Go from a plain, chalky face to a glowing one with the application of blush. Choose a colour that is right for your skin tone. Check out this link for a complete guide on blush-on application for your face.

Step 4: Lips
a. Lip Liner: To ensure that your lipstick stays through the night and for easy application of the colour, you need lip liners. Invest in three basic shades—a deep maroon, nude and brown. These can be used for almost all kinds of lip colours.

b. Lipstick: Just like eyeliner highlights the eyes, lipstick works wonders for your lips and overall face. If you don’t already have a few shades with you, opt for three basic shades according to your skin tone—red, nude and brownish pink. Click here to learn which shade of red is right for your skin.

Take a look at these products for your cheeks and eyes.


Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme lipstick: Rs 285, Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner Pencil Walnut 02: Rs 171, Maybelline Dream Touch Blush: Rs 375

So what are you waiting for, get going girl. Go and shop for your first makeup kit.

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