Night Out With A Drunken Munkey

Don’t restaurants just love monkey-ing around with names? First came the Bonobo pygmy monkey, followed by some Hungry Birds and now a Drunken Munkey has stepped foot inside the city’s nightlife arena. For all those in search of nirvana, the kind that lets you lose your inhibitions and simply live like there’s no tomorrow, the Drunken Munkey is here to help you achieve it. This new lounge and café in Andheri is all about drinks and food at prices your pockets will fancy.

The dual zone interiors have been divided in two different themes to suit the mood. The outside section will take you to a tropical space with natural wooden fences and shrubs, while the indoor lounge is all about the elegance and class. You will see top-hats and upside down wine glasses hanging from the ceiling. Mishaps of drunken Homo sapiens?
Let the DJ spin some commercial tracks while you sip on their cocktails and drinks that are on a Happy Hour offer between 6 pm and 11:59 pm from Monday to Thursday and between 6 pm and 8:59 pm from Friday to Sunday.
And if you happen to be there between 6 pm and 7:30 pm on any given day, get a drink for only Rs. 59 on select brands. Cheers to that!
The food menu comprises Asian and Oriental dishes and they also have karaoke nights every Tuesday. The lounge is open every day from 6 pm till 1 am and you can call on 022 26732047 for reservations.
Here, the monkey will do all the talking!
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