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How many of us feel that jackets can totally transform the look of an outfit? The nod would be a unanimous one, especially if we are speaking about the elegant and ladylike collarless jackets. Predominant on runways and celeb closets, we are vouching for this spring 2014 trend to go viral like fire.

Feminine Dress And Jacket


Can we deny the gorgeousness of a flirty flowy dress worn with a jacket? We say make sure it’s collarless and in shades of your favourite macaroons. Step out looking your feminine best and don’t forget to smile at the cute stranger who couldn’t help but open doors for you at the cafe.

Sporty Chic


Go sporty chic and let the athlete in you wake up to a collarless bomber jacket. Put on Wear it with a pair of shorts or a skater skirt, we know you like the sport of dressing up like a star.

My First Lady


Gabrielle Chanel swore by collarless boxy jackets and we know why. Because nothing can beat the charm of a boxy suit. It can also be incorporated into our professional wardrobes with a sense of style difficult to oversee. Throw in some pearls and you’re gonna rock that fashion job interview for sure or your beau’s heart for that matter.

Quirky Look


For moments when you feel vivacious, you would want to wear a quirky collarless jacket to your ensemble. Young and fresh, it steps up your mood naturally for you feel how you dress.

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