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You must have definitely heard the saying, ‘Earth ka kuch karo, warna un(E)arth ho jaega’. And so we should. Some of us might also have a step program in place to combat environmental evils, but we just don’t get enough time to get around to doing that. Or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.
Our Lil Bit, an organic store in Versova has gone one step ahead and has followed through with the guidelines that they wrote for themselves. This haven is for those creative communities who share a passion for the environment. They support small-time artisans and craftsmen, who for lack of a platform are lost somewhere in the throng of sellers. Theirs is a retail store that sells organic and eco-friendly products, which are in no way short on their aesthetic or utilitarian value. Their products include home decor items such as baskets, mats, rugs, lamps, coasters, trays and more and apparels such as sarees and dupattas.
According to them, even though our culture supports the celebration of every living organism and every non-living artefact, we have lost track in our battle with life itself. We have forgotten that there exists no plan(et) B.
Join them in this peaceful march against the miseries that we put our environment through and chant after them, ‘Think globally, act locally’.
To contact Our Lil Bit, call them on 26370011 or email them on The store is open between 11:00 am and 10:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. You can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.
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