NSPA- Reviving Street Performances

Indian classical music playing in the background instead of the usual monotone blaring from the speakers announcing the train arrivals; seemed strange on a Monday morning at Churchgate station. We probed further and found a man with his tabla. No, it’s not an Indian classical version of the widespread flash mobs. It’s something even better than a one-time performance that randomly pops up at public spaces.

The man in question was K K Singh, an NSPA artiste. An initiative under the aegis of HelpYourNGO.com, National Streets for Performing Arts (NSPA) aims at reclaiming public spaces for street performances. You may be treated to an occasional gig at Bandra or a concert at auditoriums, but NSPA aims at breathing life into the cultural space of the city. Starting with the Western railways, they plan to tap the city’s other public spaces to organise regular performances. The long forgotten streets of the city will come to life as art unfolds from its cocoon. Providing a platform for artistes involved, the NSPA takes art directly to the people and exposes them to its varied forms.

A non-profit initiative, NSPA seeks to support the livelihoods of less privileged and independent artistes by giving a fixed remuneration for the performances and at the same time providing them with a public platform that knocks down the barriers between artistes and the community.

The NSPA has performances planned out for October. You can catch these artistes on Bandra, Churchgate and Borivali stations. If you wish to perform with them, they are currently on the lookout for single artistes and bands who can perform in November. Guest performances are also included.

The performances are scheduled thrice a week from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in the morning and 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the evenings; perfect for office goers to ward off the Monday morning blues while listening to some Blues music. We hope to catch Brass aChaar at Churchgate today as they perform with their saxophone, trombone and trumpet.

You can view the entire schedule here.

- Esha Chanda

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