‘Nuteez is all about fun, colour, humour and being cozy’


Specializing in cute and fun nightwear for men and women, Nuteez was founded by the husband-wife duo of Vijayashree Parameswaran (Shree) and  Suresh Ganapathy. With a family background of knit wear, and her husband’s involvement into export business, Shree, along with Suresh was driven towards creating a brand that focused mainly on lounge wear for men, women and kids. After the increasing Nuteez sales on Shop InOnIt, we decided to go beyond merchandise and have a chat with co-founder Shree.


Nuteez collage

Nuteez available on Shop InOnIt

Let’s begin with the story and purpose behind naming your label Nuteez.

Firstly, our own need for good lounge wear inspired us to launch Nuteez. Secondly, Nu(New) Teez is how it’s pronounced and was coined with an idea of coming up with new stuff that teases our shopaholic tendencies. Some of our customers call us Nut-Tees. One of our regular customers also mentioned to her husband that this company would have been started by a bunch of nuts. Hence, Nuteez (chuckles).

Nuteez designs are created by various artists from across India. What is the criteria you follow to choose these designs?

Nuteez is all about fun, colour, humour and being cozy. Our themes are based on animal prints, nature, funky and quirky designs. We kicked off our designs by partnering with a couple of established as well as budding designers. We, along with our design partners have been very choosy about the designs in order to bring out the best, together. We love it when we hear the squeals ‘Ooh! It’s so cute!’, ‘Awesome, I need to have this!’

Comment on the material used by Nuteez.

We use 100% super combed cotton with bio/enzyme wash for ultra soft hand feel. We are choosy right from yarn selection stage which brings out the high quality output.

How are you liking your association with Shop InOnIt?

Shop InOnIt has been a great platform for Nuteez to launch our brand and spread our wings. Our business has strengthened and come a long way thanks to Shop InOnIt and its team!

What products from Shop InOnIt would you like to own?

We love the choice of selection offered and I make it a point to check out their New section all the time. The Living category is something that interests us a great deal as we are always on the lookout for funky stuff to add fun to our living space.

What can we find you doing when you’re juggling between designs?

Travel, travel and just travel! We love to see new places! We also ensure that we spend quality time with our family.

What’s in the pipeline?

Can that be a surprise? (laughs) Jokes apart, we have a good selection for women’s lounge wear and are truly overwhelmed by the response we’ve received for the Men’s collection. You might also see us coming up with lounge wear collection for Juniors this year. Stay tuned!


As told to Suezelle D’Costa

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