Of Exotic Flowers and Picturesque Valleys

If you love pretty little things, you will love this. For a day, spend your time surrounded by beautiful exotic flowers – a colourful paradise on earth is what you will experience. Be ready to get mesmerized with Gypsies Outdoors, as they take you to Kaas, a plateau of flowers near Satara district. You will see a variety of flowers and wildlife you never imagined existed. A photographers dream day and place, this will be. 
Their upcoming trip is in October as that is the best time to visit the place in full bloom. The trip starts by leaving from Pune early in the morning followed by a nature trail around Kaas. Drive down gorgeous curves of dense forests and dip your feet in a lake nearby. Visit the Sajjangad fort and Kanher dam once there or simply lie down amidst bright coloured flowers and enjoy the afternoon breeze. The flowerbed at Kaas is made up of 156 botanical families with over 1,452 species of flowers, about 33 endangered varieties and 400 medicinal plants. Watch the fluttering of birds such as the Malabar Crested Lark, Bonneli’s Eagle, Indian Robin, Crested Bunting, or spot reptiles like the Vine Snake and mammals such as the Barking Deer.
A day trip here with Gypsies Outdoors will cost you Rs. 950. For bookings, call on 020 65202040 or 9158587861 / 9158587862. 
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